January 2009


Oh wow, Marc has done it again! This is the Black & White boot of the century designed by, Marc Jacobs. I love this bootie because it’s so black and white and so adorable. I love this design because the bootie has a pointed toe, black lining on the sole, heal and the top of the boot with the cutest little bow tie ever.  I love the leather is so white. It makes these boots so mod looking and I think these are a huge statement piece, get ready to thank Marc Ladies when you get all those compliments.

How to wear:

  • Wear with any color tights and a contrasting color dress for the ultimate mod look
  • Wear them with black leggings, white silky blouse and a pop of your favorite color with a belt
  • Wear with bare legs and a skirt with a black and white printed blouse or top


Just take a good look at that color! Wow, I love it! The Lemia shoe, by BCBG is one you must grab this season.  It’s such a pop of color and I love the rubber thick straps that lie across the front of the toe.  It lets your skin and toes just peep through those holes.  I love this for spring and summer and will add so much pizzazz to any outfit.  Great for moonlight dancing!

How to wear:

  • Wear with a dress and sun kissed legs and polished toes
  • Wear with skinny jeans and a sleeveless silk blouse


I love the simplicity of this leather ankle strap sandal, by Cocobelle Roman.  This perfect casual sandal goes with just about everything for this summer.  I love the 1 inch ankle strap that ties with a suede lace on the back of your ankle.  That part makes it so delicate on your foot.  I think this shoe is great for any casual outfit.

How to Wear:

  • Wear it with short short and crisp white shirt and polished toes
  • Wear it with white leggings and a long tank with a belt


This season I have found a lot of shoes by Moschino that I have fallen in love with, including this Patent Oxford pair.  I really like the patent leather and the roundness of the toe.  I love the folded fabric that is set into place by a shoe lace style bow.  It’s so perfect for the style of this shoe.  This shoe is perfect with tights and leggings and definitely statement wear.

How to wear:

  • Wear with opaque black tights and a silk dress
  • Wear with leggings and pencil skirt and long sleeve blouse


The newly designed Triumph shoe, by Steve Madden is so perfect for the spring.  I love the ankle wrap, and how it scrunches around the ankle.  I also like that the ankle wrap is not a tight fit, I like that it’s loose.  I think these are perfect for nights out and showing off your toned legs.

How to wear:

  • Wear these with short shorts, and beautiful printed blouse with bare legs and polished toes
  • Wear these with leggings and a long blouse dress with two thin belts


First of all, I love this olive green color. These double Strap boots, by Loeffler Randall gave the boots such a nice touch with the two leather straps. I love that they wrap around the boot at the ankle.  This is what makes the boot stand out on it’s own.  The leather strap is so simple, but gives the boot so much detail.  I love it, and these are great for a new spot in anyone’s closet.

How to wear:

  • Wear with fitted black denim and a large cable knit grey sweater
  • Wear with tan leggings and a black cardigan wrap and large printed silk scarf


I really like these Braided straps on these sandals, by Modern Vintage.  Look at the leather, it looks so soft and cushy.  I love good leather on sandals because it’s less likely to give your foot, which has been in boots for a few months now, any blisters.  I like how the braided straps criss-cross across the top of your foot and I love the little buckle detail that holds the shoe in place on your foot.  Perfect for childs play and beach walks.

How to wear:

  • Wear with short shorts a fun printed tank top and your sun kissed bare legs and polished toes
  • Wear with summer leggings, in a pretty color, and a long crisp white tunic

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