Add wonderfully warm cheer around the house with these comfortably cute Zzee slippers, by Kate Spade.  If you want to get cozy around the house and read a book by the fire, may I suggest these oh so cute slippers for your toes? I think the color choices are just adorable. I love the tie at the side accented with the pom poms. I think its what makes these slippers stand out from the rest of them.  The best part of the slipper is on the bottom sole, they printed “ZZzzz”.  Be sure to make yourself a warm cup of coco to fully endulge.

How to wear:

  • Wear these with a pair of long underwear around the house and cozy socks
  • Wear these with your favorite printed pajama pant
  • Wear these with knee high skinny sweat pants and show a little bit of your calf, to show off some skin