Take a look at these Louis Vuitton high top sneakers. They deserve some attention. First of all,  I am not the biggest fan of the Louis Vuitton print, because I feel so many people have demolished the brand by purchasing fakes, and I do not believe in supporting that.  Anyway, I want to bring some attention to these kicks because I think they are definitely unique.  I love the gold strip and the high top design.  I love the little leather piece that has Louis Vuitton engraved on it, on top of the tongue of the shoe. These are totally statement material and I think they would be a great shoe to kick back in.

How to wear:

  • Wear with skinny denim and make the shoe laces loose so you can slip them on and off, don’t tie them at all
  • Wear them with tights and shorts and big chunky knitted socks, make sure to scrunch down the socks too