February 2009


As I get ready for the spring, I’ve been looking for great solid colors.  When I came across these sandals, by Mystique, I couldn’t stop starring.  I picked them up, put it on my foot quickly, then walked a few steps and fell in love.  I love the yellow they chose, it reminds me of a yellow skittle and those are yummy.  I like the design and most importantly I like they way they felt on my foot.  Wearing these will brighten anyones day, that’s a promise.

How to wear:

  • Wear with short shorts with a blue/teal print pair it with a tank top and a big beaded necklace
  • Wear with capri pants and light silk printed blouse tucked in, with a skinny belt and some big sunglasses


Looking forward to spring? I think most people are, and I recommend this boot for that transition period from the end of winter to the beginning of spring. This beige boot called the Whistle Stop is from the Jeffrey Campbell collection.  I see a designer trend with cut-out holes in the leather and I’m a fan.  It gives it a light & airy look while keeping the high-style profile.  I love the color for a spring boot and the leather string attachment is perfect.   I really want a pair.

How to wear:

  • Wear with a lighter color fitted denim, a brown cotton top with a short brown leather jacket and a big scarf
  • Wear with leggings, a printed dress with a short brown leather jacket


Still got a gladiator sandal on your mind? Then may I recommend one that’s perfect for dipping into.  This sandal from the Steven by Steve Madden collection has a great shine to it.  It will catch a lot of attention.  I also love the amount of straps that are used to capture the gladiator style, it’s almost as if this sandal was made for future gladiators! Love this sandal for summer.

How to wear:

  • Wear with bermuda shorts, a bright coral tank top with big bold sunglasses
  • Wear with short shorts over your bathing suit and a big beach bag


I’ll give you fair warning, that when wearing these, you’ll definitely be spotted.  These colorful sandals by Matt Bernson are beautiful.  I love the fringe detail that sits on top of the foot and I love the purple, coral, navy and teal color combination.  It’s so pretty, especially with that reddish brown leather they chose for the sole.  I like that it’s a simple sandal with a fun design element.  These will definitely look great by the pool this summer.

How to wear:

  • Wear with a bathing suit and a long white tunic over it with some great beaded bracelets
  • Wear with bermuda shorts and a tank top, over your swim suit


One of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs, has done it again.  The futuristic high top shoe is here ladies and it’s waiting for your feet.  I love the metallic silver with the solid grey shoe laces, it’s an awesome combination.  I love the little holes in the silver leather and the silver circle detail that sits right where your ankle bone would pop out.  I think this creation is genius and I wanted everyone to get a chance to see it up close and personal.  Perfect for being a little flashy!

How to wear:

  • Wear with black leggings, short jean shorts that are ripped at the hem, a tank top and a big bulky scarf
  • Wear with colored skinny jeans tucked into fun printed socks with a yummy sweater and some big earrings


A shoe that is very cute and affordable for those looking to add a pop of cheetah into their look.  This heel from the Steven by Steve Madden collection is perfect for just that.  I love the white rounded toe, perfect for spring. The faux cheetah print near the back of the heel it’s tasteful.  I also like the delicacy of the stiletto heel too.

How to wear:

  • Wear with yellow skinny jeans and a navy blue silk sleeveless blouse
  • Wear with a bright pink cocktail dress


Looking for a sandal that will glam up your feet? Then may I suggest this sandal by Malisee.  There is so much going on here.  I love the color, the buckle and most of all the gold beaded strap that lays on top of the foot.  It’s so beautiful.  The design of this shoe is meant to make you feel glamorous.

How to wear:

  • Wear with short shorts over your bathing suit and some great eyewear
  • Wear with short shorts, a tank top and 4 big bangles on your wrist

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