Lately, I’ve been very impressed by the shoe designs, by Marc Jacobs.  He’s so out there, I love it.  I love that his designs are so not the norm, like these gold boots for example.  I like that they are tall, form fitting and flat.  These are definitely made for a true fashionista because it takes some courage to wear these. That’s why I love these boots, because of the gold and I also love the strap with the buckle.  They remind me of the shoes Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City when they went to Staten Island for the Firefighters.  So awesome that the boots will pop out on any outfit.

How to wear:

  • Wear with fitted denim, any color and a fun graphic tee
  • Wear with leggings, black and a graphic tee, vest and scarf
  • Wear with short shorts and a silky blouse