March 2009


A light jean jacket. A dress with a floral print. Look for a dress that has some bold colors in the design, such as the one shown.  A pair of thong sandals that have a leather design cut-out that sits on top of the foot.



Looking for a soft feminine outfit for spring? Then may I recommend something like this. I love the color combination of the dress. They work so well together. The ruffles make it so pretty too. The the gathers in the yellow fabric help form the dress to the body. I also love the big bow on the Paris Hilton heels.  They play up this look! I would also wear a clutch with this dress. Chose something that has similar colors from the dress. I would add one piece of jewelry such as a yellow-gold bracelet for the finishing touch.  Don’t forget to take some fun pics too!


Jean Shorts.  If you have a pair of old jeans you don’t want anymore you can always cut and cuff them! Look for a pink short sleeve button-up shirt. Cotton would be the most comfortable.  Get a fun vest that you’ve had your eye on.  Finish it with flats that have an interesting detail on the toe.


Need a look for a special night out? Then may I recommend something like this. I love the silhouette of the dress, it’s so sharp.  I love the how striking the royal blue holds up against the black. I also love the cage-like design of the Yves Saint Laurent heels.  They will finalize this look! I would add some simple jewelry such as blue wooden bangles and some black studded earrings.  Don’t forget about your signature scent too!


These Ranahan slouched booties named Wrangler are perfect with skirts!  Try a one-piece cotton tank dress. Wear a necklace that has a lot of layers with pops of color. Such as the one shown. The Nordstrom necklace is $58.


These Nicole sandals named Daylight are so pretty for the summer. Try a girly skirt that has a soft looking print. For your top try a simple cream top. Wear a necklace that has a lot of white beads on it with a gold chain. Such as the one shown. . The Subversive necklace is $900.


These BC footwear mini wedges named Cotillion are the perfect green for spring. Try a pair of baggy leggings, it’s a new look, but give it a try. For your top try wear a graphic tee that you love. Wear a necklace that has multiple layers to it.  Like the one shown. It will move nicely with your graphic tee. The Aldo necklace is $25.

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