April 2009


Need that look to make a statement? Then may I recommend something like this. Find a dress that has a tribal design on it. Wear it with a pair of feather earrings. Grab a black bangle for your wrist, you can wear more than one design if you wish.  For your feet get some light gold gladiator sandals. For your bag find one that is black and has fringe on it.  Perfect for many compliments on your night out!



Our Polished Sale of the week is the Lovely People Vanity sandal for $109!  A great way to wear this woven black sandal is by adding some color to it. Take any color denim and pair it will a plain colored top.  For your accessories pick a colorful clutch or bag that you love.  Add some bangles and a big beaded necklace.  This look is great for a night out during the week or meeting friends for drinks!


Maxi dresses are a must have for this season! When looking for a maxi dress look for colors that you like, prints and designs that grab your eye.  The first dress is great because it has a solid top which is black and then an eye-catching print on the bottom. The second dress has three solid colors and a great silhouette. The color combination is perfect for this season too.  The third dress is another dress with three solid colors but it’s strapless. Again the color combination is fantastic.  The forth dress has an awesome print. It’s very lovely to the eye.  The fifth dress has a beautiful color combination and the design flows very nicely. It’s perfect for spring.  The sixth dress is great because it’s a solid color with great design details.  Another great choice.  Any of these maxi dresses will be great for this season, it just depends on what you are looking for. Also a good note, if you are short, still buy one and take it to seamstress and have it hemmed.  You can enjoy these beautiful dresses too!


Have a pair of earrings that you love and want to wear all the time? Jenni Hogan does! The first look is perfect for a bridal shower, spring wedding or any outdoor event. The dress has a beautiful print.  I would add a gold belt to add more attention to your empire waist line. For your feet look for strappy open-toe heels that are fabulous! The second look is more casual. This dress can be worn for business meetings, business events or a casual night out for drinks.  I picked a plain dress because the color is perfect for spring. I would add a leather wrap belt to balance out the color.  For your feet I went with platform pumps that have a beautiful print.  For the third look I picked another strapless printed dress.  The colors in the dress are so eye-catching.  I went with a purple elastic belt to define the empire waist line again. And for your feet I chose a golden open-toe heel to match the color from the print. All three outfits will make a statement and I promise you will get compliments all night long!


Look for a cotton dress that has a print with colors you love in it. For your feet try a pair of fuchsia pink open-toe pumps. Find a fabulous wristlet clutch in fuchsia pink too.  For your jewelry, find a white bangle and white earrings that have gold trim. It will help soften this look. Perfect for any outdoor special event!


A navy blue bag. A cream colored silk top with ruffles along the neckline. A navy blue skirt with some pink details in it. A belt that has a flower print. And fabulous Vince Camuto Dita sandals for spring! These sandals are available here at Polished Sense.


Need something to wear for a Garden Tour? Try any of these and let me explain why you should wear them. Orange dress: great silhouette and its one of the best colors for spring this season. You will for sure be noticed and make a statement with out being too flashy. You can dress it up with colorful accessories like flowers from a garden. White dress: this dress is very form fitting, love the way it lays on the body. My favorite accessory is the beaded necklace, the colors are a perfect combination. This is great way to keep it simple but still making a statement by drawing great attention to your dress. Simple jewelry for this or match your bangle, shoes or bag with some of the colors from the beads! Print dress: reason I love this dress is because of the color combination and the silhouette.  It’s very classy and the colors are a great way to make a statement. I think trying a white belt, bangle or bag would be the perfect touch! Navy print dress: love this because of the print. It’s so pretty and vibrant. It also has a nice flow on the body, very comfortable. I also like the built-in belt to help form the dress to the body. This dress is very appropriate for a garden tour because of the colors. Simple jewelry again like a black bangle or shoes! All these dresses will get you tons of compliments too!

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