Maxi dresses are a must have for this season! When looking for a maxi dress look for colors that you like, prints and designs that grab your eye.  The first dress is great because it has a solid top which is black and then an eye-catching print on the bottom. The second dress has three solid colors and a great silhouette. The color combination is perfect for this season too.  The third dress is another dress with three solid colors but it’s strapless. Again the color combination is fantastic.  The forth dress has an awesome print. It’s very lovely to the eye.  The fifth dress has a beautiful color combination and the design flows very nicely. It’s perfect for spring.  The sixth dress is great because it’s a solid color with great design details.  Another great choice.  Any of these maxi dresses will be great for this season, it just depends on what you are looking for. Also a good note, if you are short, still buy one and take it to seamstress and have it hemmed.  You can enjoy these beautiful dresses too!