A lady by the name of Jen Ann Smith sent me the link to the khaki romper from Anthropologie. I asked her if I could accessorize it for a blog post and after she gave me the ok, this is what I recommend. Find two different brown bracelets. One can be leather and one can be a bangle, but it’s up to you. The leather bracelet shown is designed by Max & Chloe. The other bracelet I found is from Khol’s. What a steal! It’s super cute, for a great price.  For your earrings find some that dangle and stay withing neutral family. The earrings I chose are from Anthroplogie, and they are fabulous! For your bag look for a white or cream leather, whatever hits your eye. For your feet I found this sandal from the BCBG collection.  They are perfect for this look and many others. They are a beautifully designed heel sandal.  Wherever you wear this look, make sure you are ready for some eye glances and compliments. You’ll for sure make a statement. So make sure you go somewhere where everyone can see it!


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