Need something with an edge for statement wear? Then may I recommend something like this. Find a white cotton top, and tuck it into a pair of blue denim shorts. Then add a chocolate brown leather belt. This will help define your waistline. For the statement piece look for a vest that you are in love.  For your accessories find a hat that has a long bill and drapes across your face. Your jewelry can be simple, such as adding some bangles and a statement ring. For your bag, look for a fringe one. The color should match a color from the vest you pick. With a look like this you want something comfortable for your feet. I chose the Matiko Leo Sandal that has a small wedge and suede fringe that lays across the top of your foot. The Matiko Leo Sandal can be purchased at Polished Sense for $109.95. This look is perfect for summer, and you will for sure make a statement anywhere you go. Enjoy!

You can purchase the Matiko Leo Sandal here: Matiko Leo Sandal



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