Hi everyone! I’ve decided to host another contest on the blog.  If you were apart of my first contest or viewed it then you probably know what I am going to ask of you.  If you have no clue what I’m talking about then check out my scarf contest I hosted last year.

This new contest is dedicated to the blog and it’s one year anniversary. There will be lots of fun stuff ahead! I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

Here are the rules: (Think Polished)

1. Submit a photo of yourself in your best Polished outfit, look or pose. Be as creative as you want and please have fun, it’s why I do this.

I will be taking entries of photos until February 5th, which is next Friday.  Once I have everyone’s photo that wants to participate then I will post everyone’s photo on the blog.  Then I will have my readers, your readers and anyone else who stops by that day vote on who they think has the most Polished Sense of Style.

Ang in her Polished pose and look. She is wearing the Winnie heel by Matiko

Please reply with a comment if you are interested in entering. I will email you so you can reply with a fabulous photo of yourself.

I will also be posting the PRIZE later this week so you girls can see what you’ll win.

Thanks lovelies !