Our second round is up for the Sorel Joan of Arctic boots! I’d love to hear which one is your favorite look, so please share!


When I saw those leg warmers I had to create a look just for them.  Ang is wearing a pair of black tights and leg warmers that hit right below her knees.  I love them with the Joan of Arctic boot, very appropriate to add depth. Then I added a shinny plaid jacket to top off this look.  I put a maroon belt around the jacket with a big buckle for detail. The knitted hat was another necessary object along with the black bag.  This look is perfect for a rainy day!


In this look I kept the same black tights on, took off the warmers and put her in royal blue cotton dress.  Something about blue on black just stands out, which I love. I then put a knitted vest over the dress, for a cozy feel.  Then along with that I went and added a long beaded necklace that has a hint of pink in it, which also pops off the blue. For a fun accessory I added a zipper wristlet. Definitely appropriate for this look.


This is a new look I was trying.  I wanted sequence but needed it to be a throw-it-on look.  Kept the boots and tights on Ang once again. Added a sequence dress over it. Then for the ultimate comfort I added a washed-out grey hoodie from Roxy. I thought this was adorable and different. Then I just added a braided necklace for a fun and interesting accessory. I hope you try something like this, you will get the compliments!


Ang cracks me up here because she usually is all-smiles. I caught her in a moment of tough love. But she hit it.  I put her in black leggings, a John Varvatos Converse blouse, which has a gorgeous touch, btw and then a dance hat.  I added a a few bands to her wrist and now for the finale, haha, the Ugg fanny pack.  I thought it complimented the fur from the boots so well. And of course, since I got to review a pair of Sorel’s, they are in my opinion taking over Uggs. Anyway, Ang made the band.


The last look of Ang is suppose to be fun and easy. I added gray tights this time with the boots, I liked the contrast.  Then I added a black turtle-neck dress put a flannel over it with a big gold chain necklace. Then for my fun color, I chose a green bag. Don’t know why, but something about the green and purple against one another makes this look stand out.

Go check out Sorel Footwear and go get some for yourself to rock out in, they now have rain boots for spring!  They are fabulous and a great fun way to make a fun and unique statement, now it’s time for you to get creative!