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Our second round is up for the Sorel Joan of Arctic boots! I’d love to hear which one is your favorite look, so please share!


When I saw those leg warmers I had to create a look just for them.  Ang is wearing a pair of black tights and leg warmers that hit right below her knees.  I love them with the Joan of Arctic boot, very appropriate to add depth. Then I added a shinny plaid jacket to top off this look.  I put a maroon belt around the jacket with a big buckle for detail. The knitted hat was another necessary object along with the black bag.  This look is perfect for a rainy day!


In this look I kept the same black tights on, took off the warmers and put her in royal blue cotton dress.  Something about blue on black just stands out, which I love. I then put a knitted vest over the dress, for a cozy feel.  Then along with that I went and added a long beaded necklace that has a hint of pink in it, which also pops off the blue. For a fun accessory I added a zipper wristlet. Definitely appropriate for this look.


This is a new look I was trying.  I wanted sequence but needed it to be a throw-it-on look.  Kept the boots and tights on Ang once again. Added a sequence dress over it. Then for the ultimate comfort I added a washed-out grey hoodie from Roxy. I thought this was adorable and different. Then I just added a braided necklace for a fun and interesting accessory. I hope you try something like this, you will get the compliments!


Ang cracks me up here because she usually is all-smiles. I caught her in a moment of tough love. But she hit it.  I put her in black leggings, a John Varvatos Converse blouse, which has a gorgeous touch, btw and then a dance hat.  I added a a few bands to her wrist and now for the finale, haha, the Ugg fanny pack.  I thought it complimented the fur from the boots so well. And of course, since I got to review a pair of Sorel’s, they are in my opinion taking over Uggs. Anyway, Ang made the band.


The last look of Ang is suppose to be fun and easy. I added gray tights this time with the boots, I liked the contrast.  Then I added a black turtle-neck dress put a flannel over it with a big gold chain necklace. Then for my fun color, I chose a green bag. Don’t know why, but something about the green and purple against one another makes this look stand out.

Go check out Sorel Footwear and go get some for yourself to rock out in, they now have rain boots for spring!  They are fabulous and a great fun way to make a fun and unique statement, now it’s time for you to get creative!


My past trip to Colorado was unreal this year.  I got to snowboard Vail Mountain, enough said. But while I was there, I saw these boots on a mom and daughter.  I went up to them while we were all in the coffee shop in the Breckenridge town and said I LOVE your boots, where did you find them? We had about a 7 minute conversation talking about how great they were.  Then I was on the hunt for them in all of the shops in the town…no shop had my size.  Long story short, I came home contacted Sorel Footwear, fabulous boots btw, in my opinion the new Uggs…Anyway I was sent a pair of the Joan of Arctic boot in Black. Tried them on and couldn’t take them off.  Then I wanted to show everyone a few looks I styled with the boots on. Enjoy!


I styled Ang in a bright red sweater and a lovely blue pair of denim.  I was going for a look that you would be noticed in.  Who wants to blend in at the mountain lodge anyway? Then I paired these bright colors with a black Chanel bag and black scarf.  Perfect compliment to the black boots.  I just am in love with the fur at the top too! So adorable.


Here I styled Ang in a snowflake sweater. I just loved the color combo, it looks so fresh and festive.  I added a woven belt, a cute knitted hat and a brown suede bag.  My favorite part of this look is the knitted gray leggings with the Joan of Arctic Sorel Boots.  It’s just screams punctual. I love it and I hope you do too.


The last look today, I styled Ang in the same leggings with a different combo on the top.  I went with a long sleeve plaid shirt, almost like a dress.  Perfect look for hanging out after the slopes at one of the taverns.  I paired the plaid shirt with a green purse belt for a pop of color.  Then I added some knitted mittens because they were just so darn cute.  And then to finish the look I added a tan scarf that plays with the color of the fur from the Sorel boots.

Now, go check out Sorel footwear and tell me your thoughts.  They are fabulous and a great fun way to make a statement, in the winter and mountains of course!

Top piece: Rush St. large horizontal Swarovski rock pendant $80-$85
I love this piece because it can go with any color on any day and look fabulous.  I love the combo of black and gold too.

Left piece: Rush St. large vertical Swarovski rock pendant $80-$85 & Rush St. medium vertical Swarovski rock pendant $60-$65
I chose to use both pieces and layer them. I wanted the clear stones to sparkle against one another. I think dramatic is the word here.

Right piece: Astor St. long weighted bead and chain necklace $80-$85
I just love this piece because its long and simple enough to make a statement.  Another everyday piece that is lovely and so versatile.

Bottom piece: Astor St. two-toned cluster bib necklace $60-$64
I had a hard time choosing a favorite, so I layered both color styles. I love the way the colors pop off the purple.

Check out Jess LC’s collection of fabulous jewels here and stop by her blog at makeundermylife.com

I got in touch with a young designer from the Chicagoland area and wanted to feature her line called J. Marie Collections.  I also asked her if I could style a few of her garments for my blog to show all of you.  Here is one of her garments that I styled from her collection.  So lovely readers, tell me your thoughts?


Necklace: French Connection
Bangles Orange & Teal: Max & Chloe
Bangle in Blue: Macy’s
Mini Bag: Dooney & Bourke
Dress: J. Marie Collections

Also let me know if you’d purchase a garment like this for the summer season.  Thanks everyone!

A while back I got in touch with Kym from Bee Creative and I received two of her fabulous shirts that I was dying to style.  So here is what I did.  I took her Fluent in Engrish shirt and tucked it into a high waisted navy blue skirt.  Then I added a caramel colored leather jacket that makes this look pop. For the accessories I added a bright royal blue bag and some wooden bangles to compliment the different tones in this look.  The boots I paired with this outfit are the Matiko Scarlett boots, which can be purchased here. The other look I styled was with Kym’s Blognerd shirt.  I put a black and white pin strip collard shirt over it and left it unbuttoned. I tucked both layers into a long black pencil skirt that has some unique details.  I especially like the zipper and belt on it.  I added a necklace and some black tights to finish this look. For her feet I put the Matiko Winnie’s on her for a fun edgy finish, which can be purchased here.  Kym’s creative style is so unique and edgy I love it.  You’ll be sure to make a statement in any of her hand made shirts.  Check out here shop and buy something fun there. Peep the collection here.

These are the two shirts I received and love! Check them out in her shop.

One of my favorite looks that came out of the photo shoot is this one above.  I styled Ang in the Blognerd shirt and tucked it into a pair of bright red satin shorts. A green fridge bag was necessary because this look just screams fun.  I topped off this look with a pair of black suspenders and black open toe heels that are currently out of stock.  Thanks again to Kym for the fabulous shirts and make sure to stop by her blog when you get a chance.

Here a few of my favorite looks from Yesstyle.com!

LOOK 1: Pleated Detail Skirt


LOOK 2: Jacquard Shift Dress


LOOK 3: Abstract Sleeveless Print Dress


Now you can share with me which look is your favorite! Enjoy.

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A few of my favorite pieces from OAK.

LOOK 1: Kaylee Tankus, grey combo dress $242

I love how this dress is made. It’s so different and unique, it makes such a statement.  If you go anywhere in this dress be prepared to back it up! It’s fabulous.


LOOK 2:Ideeen, tricolor knit top $518

I love how this top is another statement piece. However, I love that you can wear this top casually too.  I love things that don’t let me blend in.


LOOK 3: Grey Ant, Celtic Romper $143

Last but not least, I love this romper.  The style lines, the way it was made and flows on the body, it looks so comfortable. I also of course love that print, it just grabbed my eye and it stood there.


Which piece is your favorite?



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