The September Issue is a documentary of Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue Magazine.

Who will see this movie?



I’d love to hear where you get your fashion inspiration from. Where you get ideas on what to wear, what to buy and why you like it. Please comment and tell me all about it! Thanks everyone.




I think this spaghetti necklace is very unique and eye-catching. The more important question is, would you wear this?

This necklace can be found here: KABIRI



I saw this on Vegas Deluxe and wanted to share it here!


This room is the living room. I love the attention to detail and all the unique pieces they found.


This is the bathroom suite. I love the colors and the different textures they used.  I wonder wear all the fabulous pieces are from?


This is another picture taken of the living room.  I love the different geometric patterns used with the different fabrics!


A picture of the fireplace and table. Love the floor, chairs and the dogs by the fireplace. Where did they find these pieces? or were they custom made?

All photographs were taken by Denise Truscello.




Need a summer day look? Try a strapless romper. I love this one because its casual and the best part is you can dress it up with fun accessories! For your feet try a pair of Elie Tahari silver sandals! I found them at Rue La La today! They are fun and fancy. For your bag find a royal blue one, the one shown is from Aldo and it’s a great price! The puzzle piece necklace shown is made by Links for Love! Every piece of jewelry purchased a portion is donated to kids with autism. We love helping people, don’t we? The blue heart necklace shown is from Blue Dog Jewelry and can be layered with the Links for Love necklace! This look is perfect for day time play this spring or summer!


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Today, Stephanie over at Paisley Petunia asked me to participate in her blog for the best $30 a day in my city, Chicago. I will show you how 2 people can make the most of $30 each in this fine city by the Great Lake! Enjoy.


If you are looking for a great way to get the most out of your buck for a fresh cup of coffee or tea, then you need to check out the The Coffee & Tea Exchange! It is located on 3311 North Broadway Chicago, IL 60657 Phone: 773.528.2241. The coffee beans are placed in barrels. You can lift the lids and smell the fragrance before purchasing. The tea leaves are in glass jars behind the counter and you can also smell any that you wish. My friend and I enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee & tea. We were also able to bring back some fresh beans to brew up at home. This is a great place to purchase whole bean coffee or tea leaves to take home with you. They can also grind it up for you if you. We purchased one regular size coffee, one tea and 2 bags, each 1/4 lb, for a grand total of $7.23.  Now that was worth it!


Our next stop was for lunch. We were in the mood for something quick, cheap and tasty! If this appeals to you then make sure to check out Ian’s Pizza by the Slice located at 3463 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60657 Phone: 773.525.4580. Here my friend and I were able to enjoy a pizza slice and drink each.  The pizza is baked fresh daily and they toast your slice in the oven right before you take your first bite.  Friendly people and if you are a red pepper flake fan, keep you eye out for the shakers! Our grand total here $9.53.


If you are into pop art or like checking out new art, a great place to get some inspiration is a comic shop. We didn’t buy anything here, we just wanted to look. However, I did see a lot of colors that inspired me for some of my future projects, so it was well worth the peep.  The Chicago Comic shop is located at 3244 N Clark St. Chicago, IL 60657 Phone: 773.528.1983.  It was right up the block from Ian’s Pizza. It was the perfect fresh air walk we needed. $Free$


We wanted to see something that was different, so we decided on The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Located on 2430 N. Cannon Drive Chicago, IL 60614 Phone: 773.755.5100. It was such a nice day out that we wanted to try to do something that was not too expensive and were still able to enjoy the beautiful weather.  This place was perfect for just that. Tickets are $9.00 a piece and well worth the walk-through.  It was quiet, calm and peaceful. Just what we needed to stir up another appetitie! $18.00


If you have never tried an empanada before, I highly recommend making a stop at Lito’s Empanadas for your very first one. It’s located at 2566 N. Clark St. Chicago, Il 60614 Phone: 773.857.1337. I have to admit that this was my very first empanada and I was very impressed. An empanada is stuffed with meat, cheese and other delicious ingredients then wrapped in dough. Then they fry it. This restaurant is what you would call a new whole-in-the-wall. You can walk right up to the counter and place your order. My friend and I ordered two chicken specials and two waters. I will say, the empanadas were delicious and I will be back again! Our grand total here for two was $7.88. The perfect price!


To finish off your night right, you have got to get something sweet! I highly recommend heading over to Scooter’s Frozen Custard. It is located at 1658 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 Phone: 773.244.6415.  If you want 100% satisfaction try the Classic Turtle sundae. The whole bite of carmel, hot fudge, toasted pecans, whipped cream and the cherry make this a simply delicious and unforgettable treat! You’ll for sure be back someday for another. Our grand total here was $8.72 for two Classic Turtle sundaes!

$30 Day in Chicago Breakdown
Coffee & Tea Exchange: $7.23
Ian’s Pizza by the Slice: $9.53
Chicago Comic Shop: Free
Nature Center: $18.00
Lito’s Empanadas: $7.88
Scooter’s Frozen Custard: $8.72
Parking $1.75
Each person: $26.55

Thanks again Steph for featuring me on your site! I had a great time doing this.


Need a elegant look? Try fancy and classic black accessories. For your dress, I highly recommend a black and white one. This one has an amazing silhouette and the ruffles at the neckline are perfect for this look, you’ll for sure make your statement.  For your feet try a pair of Christian Louboutin strappy sandals! These are very fancy.  Last but not least, try a bag by Alexander McQueen. The wishbone bag  is a great woven leather in black, which makes it easy to add to any outfit.  This look is perfect for any special event this spring or summer!


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