Must have


Looking for this season’s essentials? Start with these simple pieces that won’t break your wallet.

1. Cage-like heels. They are so hot right now, plus they make a huge statement! Try the Luichiny Starbound heels. They are priced very reasonable and they go great with skirts, dresses & leggings.

2. An inexpensive beach bag. Everyone heads to the beach when the weather turns awesome. Why not freshen up your look with a new one this season. Look for one with a fantastic print that you love!

3. Thick bangles.  They don’t have to be fancy, but they are a great accessory because they are timeless. If you take good care of them they will last for seasons to come. Find at least one yellow one and wear it with different outfits for a pop of color.

4. A one-should strap dress.  You can pick a solid color or a print, just make sure you love it.  I like prints because they make such an appearance wherever you go. This is a fabulous piece!

5. Something neon.  I know, it’s a little bit of a stretch for some, but it can be something that doesn’t cost a lot. Find something you can wear more than once, so you can wear it to the beach over a swimsuit, with jean shorts and a belt or under a cardigan paired with a necklace. Trust me, you’ll get noticed!

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Looking for a great color to grab this season? Try a combination of pink, orange and yellow. These colors will bring cheer into any ones day.  Things to look for: Orange bangles. Wooden, metal, or any that have the color orange in the design are great choices.  Look for pink, orange or yellow dresses.  My favorites are the dresses with big prints on them, but any print is great.  For your feet look for sandals that have yellow or orange leather and details.  For accessories earrings, bags and even sunglasses are great choices too!