We are entitled to choices everyday. Whether we feel like it or not, we have made choices that have lead us to where we are today. I want to live my life by choosing to live by good choices.



I am a lot to handle. If you ask me, you’d be crazy to date me. However, you’d clearly get some enjoyment out of it. I’m kind of like a series of episodes. You may think you know what coming, but you have no idea. My beauty began the moment I decided to be myself. Just as is.

I am someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey.


Got strap on the brain? Then do I have something  just for your soles! With it’s Louboutin inspired leather strap design, this heel literally can turn heads.  I styled Ang in a cap-sleeve style dress with a few fabulous gems on it, I love the A-line silhouette too. I paired the dress with the Vince Camuto Paloma heel, which is gold by the way, and it was necessary.  I added four black bangles, some earrings and a black strappy bag to polish off this look.

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Looking for an outfit for work? Try something like this! Find a striped silk blouse in a dark color, a plaid pencil skirt and a thin gold belt.  Look for a fun pair of button booties for your feet, I might even add tights to this look too. Now add some fun accessories like a pair of studded leather gloves and a plum leather clutch. Poof…Viola! Now you’ve got ‘the’ look!

This is me, Jessica. I am the one who writes this blog.

I also style the models and photograph them.  At this time I am not photographing myself.  That might, however, change in the future.  To clear up any confusion the blonde girl with the great legs in the photographs you see is one of my models.

Thanks everyone,

If you haven’t seen them from the shop yet, I wanted to show them off again.  By ‘them’ I mean the Blowfish Wow Wow bootie.  It is a very versatile boot through the year.  It can also be worn in many different looks. My favorite part of the boot is the scrunched ruffle that sits around the ankle. It’s the detail that makes this boot statement material.


You can purchase the Blowfish Wow Wow here: Blowfish Wow Wow


I paired the booties with a black dress that flows on the body.  I wanted something simple with a lot of fabric.  To make the look pop, I added a bright pink beaded belt.  I picked a gold clutch because there are hints of gold beads in the belt.  I also added one bangle for her accessory.  This look is perfect for a night out.