Wear it With


Going on vacation? Want something for the pool? Then may I suggest something like this.  First off, the sandals are beautiful. I love the silhouette and the tiny black trim. Take a closer look at Corso Como Camel, if you must! The one-piece design is very unique, which makes this a statement suit.  The bracelet works so well because it resembles the print from the suit. The earrings are so pretty and so elegant they complete this look.  The combination is great and you’ll for sure feel good in this look.



These Ranahan slouched booties named Wrangler are perfect with skirts!  Try a one-piece cotton tank dress. Wear a necklace that has a lot of layers with pops of color. Such as the one shown. The Nordstrom necklace is $58.


These Nicole sandals named Daylight are so pretty for the summer. Try a girly skirt that has a soft looking print. For your top try a simple cream top. Wear a necklace that has a lot of white beads on it with a gold chain. Such as the one shown. . The Subversive necklace is $900.


These BC footwear mini wedges named Cotillion are the perfect green for spring. Try a pair of baggy leggings, it’s a new look, but give it a try. For your top try wear a graphic tee that you love. Wear a necklace that has multiple layers to it.  Like the one shown. It will move nicely with your graphic tee. The Aldo necklace is $25.


These L.A.M.B. sandals named Fatin have the perfect straps for spring. Try them with a fun printed skirt. For your top try a blouse that has some layers, like ruffles. It will dress up the skirt and make it way more fun!  Wear a necklace that has a bright color.  Pick a color from the print in your skirt.  Like the one shown. The Forever 21 necklace is $10.80


These Newport News sandals named Strappy are a great wedge for spring. Make a go-for-it, and try these with a kelly green skirt.  Something with tucks, like the one shown. For your top try a plain light green tank top and tuck it into the skirt. Wear a necklace that has a grey tone to it, like the grey from the sandals.  Find one that has an interesting detail. It will pop off the green so well and give your outfit the attention it deserves. The Urban Outfitters necklace is $58.


These Alexander McQueen sandals named Metallic are perfect with colored tights. Any color will do, but I like hot pink because it really makes a statement. For your top try a short black fitted dress that contours the body. Wear a long necklace that has square shaped beads. It will really play well with the design from the shoes. The Agate necklace is $175.

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