These Chie Mihara ankle boots named Ofelia are perfect for spring. Try pairing these shoes with baggy black pants. It gives the look a nice flow to it.  For your top try a cotton tank tucked into the pants. Wear a necklace that is long and has a big detail on it that you love. The Rachel Leigh Millies necklace is $172.



This Laura Moffatt boot named Hudson are perfect for spring. Try them with black pattern tights. For your top try a long knitted spring sweater dress. Wear two skinny belts at your waist. Wear a gold necklace that has a fun charm. The Fred Flare necklace is $34.


Get ready for lights, camera, ACTION! These boots, by Gianni Barbato are so hot with tights or leggings. They will for sure stand out in a crowd.  I love the height, the color and my favorite part, the double buckle.  I also like the open sides, right by your ankle and love the height of the tongue of the boot.  Perfect with yummy sweaters in your favorite color!

How to wear:

  • wear with opaque tights, short shorts and a long sweater with big bangles
  • wear with black leggings, a long collared shirt with a belt and a shoulder bag


These Gate ankle booties, by Jeffrey Campbell are one of the cutest I’ve seen.  I love the color and bow especially. The silhouette is perfect for fitted denim and leggings and can be worn casual or you can dress them up.  Girls, get ready wear them with any bohemian style sweater or bag, super fabulous.

How to wear:

  • Wear with black leggings and a sleeveless bohemian style shirt with a headband across your forehead
  • Wear with dark tan leggings and short shorts with a tank and a cardigan wrap with a shoulder bag


Okay, I have to admit I’m beginning to notice a trend of scrunched fabric on boots, and I’m loving it.  These wedged Waverly boots, by Goldenbleu are so unique that, if your totally into fashion, you might want to consider these as an investment.  I love the scrunched look with the black studs along the back of the boot.  I also like that these are wedges and not a stiletto heel, makes the boot a lot more comfortable to walk in.  Perfect for seasons to come and any occasion.

How to wear:

  • Wear with fitted denim and a yummy cable knit sweater
  • Wear with leggings and a long sweater dress with a big bag and belt


These boots are fantastic! I love the Ava Button style, by Frye.  The olive green color is my favorite and the boots are perfect for showing off because of the detailing, especially the cuff by the ankle.  The key is to make sure your outfit allows the boots to stand on there own, so think simple and cozy sweater.

How to Wear:

  • Wear with a big cozy sweater, big cable knits, and skinny denim
  • Wear with leggings and a big slouchy sweater that hits your hips
  • Try tucking in regular jeans into the boot for a more relaxed look


These soft suede Calto booties, by Vince Camuto will make you stand apart in a crowd. The Calto bootie has a shape that’s positively de rigueur. I love this version of style because it has been intensified by crazy-cool topstitch detailing, which is the coolest part of the boot.  I recommend these for girls who are looking for an everyday bootie.

How to wear:

  • Wear these with thick black tights and a long shirt dress with a big bag
  • Wear these with skinny denim, grey would look so good, and short leather coat
  • Wear these with leggings and shorts with a beautiful blouse