Need something pretty with a pop of color? Then may I recommend something like this. Find a silk tank top with shapes on it. Wear it with a A-line skirt that has a net overlay. Then find a skinny elastic belt with a metal design in the front.  Also look for a big grey bag that can fit all your daily needs in it. For an accent color find a bright green bracelet. For your feet find some green heels that you love. Perfect for a spring time date & dancing!



I love that Marc Jacobs can get away with designing a rat key chain. Gotta love his “nothing is stopping me” attitude.


These Marc Jacobs flats named Colette are so fun they are perfect for spring.  Try them with black fitted cotton pants. Look for one that have loose fabric gathers such as the ones shown. Wear a bold color necklace that has a black ribbon in it. The Marni necklace is $303.


One of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs, has done it again.  The futuristic high top shoe is here ladies and it’s waiting for your feet.  I love the metallic silver with the solid grey shoe laces, it’s an awesome combination.  I love the little holes in the silver leather and the silver circle detail that sits right where your ankle bone would pop out.  I think this creation is genius and I wanted everyone to get a chance to see it up close and personal.  Perfect for being a little flashy!

How to wear:

  • Wear with black leggings, short jean shorts that are ripped at the hem, a tank top and a big bulky scarf
  • Wear with colored skinny jeans tucked into fun printed socks with a yummy sweater and some big earrings


He’s at it again, making magic happen, and never skips a beat.  These pumps by, Marc Jacobs are so adorable.  I love the design on the toe, they are like little round ball pillows stitched together.  Again, he’s done something that I have not seen before, pure genius. Perfect year round because they are black and are great for any classic occasion.

How to wear:

  • Wear with a fitted pencil skirt, crisp white collard shirt and some yellow or purple jewelry
  • Wear with a black fitted silk dress and bare legs
  • Wear with tights, a fun printed skirt and a plain blouse with leather gloves


Lately, I’ve been very impressed by the shoe designs, by Marc Jacobs.  He’s so out there, I love it.  I love that his designs are so not the norm, like these gold boots for example.  I like that they are tall, form fitting and flat.  These are definitely made for a true fashionista because it takes some courage to wear these. That’s why I love these boots, because of the gold and I also love the strap with the buckle.  They remind me of the shoes Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City when they went to Staten Island for the Firefighters.  So awesome that the boots will pop out on any outfit.

How to wear:

  • Wear with fitted denim, any color and a fun graphic tee
  • Wear with leggings, black and a graphic tee, vest and scarf
  • Wear with short shorts and a silky blouse


Oh wow, Marc has done it again! This is the Black & White boot of the century designed by, Marc Jacobs. I love this bootie because it’s so black and white and so adorable. I love this design because the bootie has a pointed toe, black lining on the sole, heal and the top of the boot with the cutest little bow tie ever.  I love the leather is so white. It makes these boots so mod looking and I think these are a huge statement piece, get ready to thank Marc Ladies when you get all those compliments.

How to wear:

  • Wear with any color tights and a contrasting color dress for the ultimate mod look
  • Wear them with black leggings, white silky blouse and a pop of your favorite color with a belt
  • Wear with bare legs and a skirt with a black and white printed blouse or top