This past weekend I went out with some of my girlfriends and I spotted these fabulous heels by Miu Miu. Check out that heel!






These chocolate brown wooden wedges by Matiko are perfect for summer! I love the yellow accent color with the brown. The color combination pops out at you, trust me, everyone will see! I also love how comfortable they are. The leather is already broken in and the sole has a soft padding. These are a great pair to make a statement in because everyone will notice them! This look is perfect for some moonlight dancing or a night out on the patio!

How to Wear:

  • Wear with shorts, swimsuit, tank top and big sunglasses
  • Wear with a printed maxi dress and pile up the bangles



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Two bangles. A gold one with black accents and a black wooden one with gold accents. The perfect combo! A dress from And a pair of fabulous studded open toe pumps!


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A woven coral clutch. A belted floral dress. And a fabulous pair of woven open toe heels.




Looking for a few pieces to Mix and Match? Try a white tank top, a chain necklace, boy cropped pants, a belt and fabulous strappy shoes! This look was inspired by Sarah Hauser, thanks lady.

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A fabulous Tory Burch clutch. An Alice & Olivia dress. And a pair of fabulous pumps by Tory Burch! Perfect for any spring event!


Want to jazz-up your maxi dress? Try a pair of gold cut-out earrings from Ten Things! I love these earrings because you can wear them with many different outfits. They will give your ears the attention they deserve.  Try adding a cut-out bangle in a color from the dress.  For your feet try a pair of comfortable Cocobelle City sandals.  They are a very soft leather and have round studs along the foot. This look is great for this season and the pieces are timeless.


Want to add color to your look? Try a detailed blouse and solid color bubble skirt.  From Ten Things try her Protect Me Hamsa gold necklace. I love it because it’s so different and unique. Again you can layer this necklace with others and wear it with many different looks.  For your ears try a pair of white studs with a colored tear drop earrings. Simple but elegant.  For your feet try a pair of Vince Camuto Blaze sandals. Not only are they comfortable, but everyone will notice them.  This look is great for this season and can be worn to a fancy event.


Need something comfy and want to look cute? Try a jersey dress, they are very comfortable. From Ten Things I recommend the elephant necklace. It’s a great conversation piece, yet it’s so different from most pendant necklaces. And who doesn’t love elephants? Add a simple white or gold bangle to this look too. For your feet try of a pair of Corso Como Camel sandals. The silhouette is fantastic and I promise you’ll get a few compliments too. This look is perfect for spring and meeting great friends!


Want THE look while keeping it simple? Try a cotton short dress that has a v-neck cut in bold colors.  Buy the Hollywood NYC necklace from Ten Things, it’s to die-for! Again a versatile piece and can be worn through out time. Save this one and give it to your daughter, she’ll love it in 20 yrs.  Add a chain bracelet to your wrist for some simple jewelry. For your feet try a pair of Cocobelle Bahia sandals.  They are definitely a new trend and come from Europe.  They have a sock-like ankle piece.  Thong toe and are very comfortable.  This look is great for bonfires and beach walks or whatever your heart desires.

Please go out and have fun in any of these looks! Thank you Ten Things for your inspiration too!