Want a to make a statement at the gym? Then may I recommend something like this. Go ALL Stella McCartney here.  Grab one of her stretch pants in a light grey color. Then find a tank top and a Stella McCartney jacket like the one shown.  Her gym bag is also a must. It’s the perfect color, and it’s light weight material is perfect for the gym! For your feet I would also try one of her unique shoe designs. They are lovely. Find a pair that you love.  You will for sure be spotted! For your accessories bring a jump rope and some Chanel weights, if you dare.  For the finishing touch grab some veggies, cottage cheese and a diet Nestea. I promise this 0 calorie drink is thirst quenching and so refreshing! This look will get some attention! Also, thank you Angelique for all your inspiration!


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Allison Lilly




I was browsing through the Erstwhile Style Etsy shop and came across one of her tops for sale. This top is a beauty and the color is fantastic. You can find it here if you are interested.  Try pairing this outfit with some great shoes. Here are some to choose from.


Paloma Molleey LRandall

Click on a shoe to take you to the product page.

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Calico AnnieSpandex



Need a fresh spring look for work? Then may I recommend something like this. Find a royal blue blouse that gathers at the waist. Wear a pair of white khaki pants that fit you well. Then find a skinny yellow belt to compliment the blue color. Also look for a big bag that can fit all your personal belongings in. Find a pair of sunglasses and pretty earrings. For your feet find some flats that have a fun detail on the toe. Perfect for meetings and eventful work days!


Want to bring orange into your work day? Then may I recommend something like this. Find a coral silk blouse that you feel great in. Wear a pair of beige trousers that fit you well. Then find a skinny tan belt to go with it. Also look for a big ring that has tones of pink and light gold in it. For your bag find a leather shoulder strap bag that has sharp accents that you find interesting. For your feet find open-toe beige heels. Great way to look fabulous at the office!


These BC footwear mini wedges named Cotillion are the perfect green for spring. Try a pair of baggy leggings, it’s a new look, but give it a try. For your top try wear a graphic tee that you love. Wear a necklace that has multiple layers to it.  Like the one shown. It will move nicely with your graphic tee. The Aldo necklace is $25.


These Chie Mihara ankle boots named Ofelia are perfect for spring. Try pairing these shoes with baggy black pants. It gives the look a nice flow to it.  For your top try a cotton tank tucked into the pants. Wear a necklace that is long and has a big detail on it that you love. The Rachel Leigh Millies necklace is $172.


These Marc Jacobs flats named Colette are so fun they are perfect for spring.  Try them with black fitted cotton pants. Look for one that have loose fabric gathers such as the ones shown. Wear a bold color necklace that has a black ribbon in it. The Marni necklace is $303.