Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted all week. I went to Florida for my best friend’s engagement weekend. It was a surprise! So I’m just now getting back into the swing of things. Thank you all for being patient.

Here is a look I created.  Get inspired!

A young lady named Simona from twitter sent out a tweet about, “how to created an outfit around a pair of shoes?” I took the pair of shoes she liked and created a fun social look for a night out. I hope you enjoy!

Take a pair of tights, they can be textured or plain, the one here have textured stripes.  I added a sequence dress/skirt to add a punch of texture.  To bring in a comfortable feel I added a nice grey sweatshirt to the look.  I wanted it to have a casual but dressy night feel.  Then I added a brown bag, which I chose because there are some gold and brown tones from the sequence dress. Then I added a fun ring and cat mask necklace. The fabulous shoes that are shown are from Urban Outfitters and I must say, I love them too!  Thanks for the inspiration Simona, I hope you can re-create this!

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Need something with an edge for statement wear? Then may I recommend something like this. Find a white cotton top, and tuck it into a pair of blue denim shorts. Then add a chocolate brown leather belt. This will help define your waistline. For the statement piece look for a vest that you are in love.  For your accessories find a hat that has a long bill and drapes across your face. Your jewelry can be simple, such as adding some bangles and a statement ring. For your bag, look for a fringe one. The color should match a color from the vest you pick. With a look like this you want something comfortable for your feet. I chose the Matiko Leo Sandal that has a small wedge and suede fringe that lays across the top of your foot. The Matiko Leo Sandal can be purchased at Polished Sense for $109.95. This look is perfect for summer, and you will for sure make a statement anywhere you go. Enjoy!

You can purchase the Matiko Leo Sandal here: Matiko Leo Sandal



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Want to wear rolled up denim and color? Then may I recommend something like this. Find a cotton tank top with a fun animal on it. The one shown is designed by Wildfox Couture. For your accessories find a pair of hoop earrings with beads, such as the pair from Anthropologie. Browse through the Ten Things shop at Esty to find things like the beaded bracelet and butterfly ring. She makes fun and versitale pieces with interesting elements. For your bag look for a yellow fringe one that you love. For your feet find a pair of brown wedges such as the Matiko Paley wedges. The leather is soft and the sole has a nice padding. They can be worn with many different looks as well. This look is perfect for outdoor fun or some treasure hunting while out shopping!


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A shoulder bag that has brown tones in it.  A brown wooden ring.  A sidecar blue dress. And a pair of Vince Camuto Bach sandals!

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Need a fabulous look? Try stopping by SHE Boutique! The Matthew Williamson sunglasses have a great irodencent frame that will look fantastic on your face. Try a pair of Cleo Hoops for your ears, the best part is there are many beautiful colors to choose from.  For your dress, I highly recommend the Striped Basket-Weave one shoulder dress in Seafoam by Thread Social.  It has an amazing silhouette and the print and colors work so well together, you’ll for sure make your statement.  For your finger try the Capsule Ring by Rachel Leigh, it’s a very versitile piece so you can wear it with many different looks.  Last but not least, try a bag by Jack Rabbit.  The Concord bag is the perfect neutral Nude color, which makes it easy to add to any outfit.  Perfect for any special event this spring or summer!


Need something fun? Then may I recommend something like this. Find a tee that has an animal on it. Then find an elastic belt with a bow in the front.  Also get a Just Cavalli Semi Circle Bag that will make a statement! For your accessories look for a Hayden Harnett cuff bracelet. Pick out a big ring too. For your feet try the Lovely People Vanity sandal because they are so much fun! This look is perfect for girls night out! These sandals are also available here at Polished Sense.