Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted all week. I went to Florida for my best friend’s engagement weekend. It was a surprise! So I’m just now getting back into the swing of things. Thank you all for being patient.

Here is a look I created.  Get inspired!

A young lady named Simona from twitter sent out a tweet about, “how to created an outfit around a pair of shoes?” I took the pair of shoes she liked and created a fun social look for a night out. I hope you enjoy!

Take a pair of tights, they can be textured or plain, the one here have textured stripes.  I added a sequence dress/skirt to add a punch of texture.  To bring in a comfortable feel I added a nice grey sweatshirt to the look.  I wanted it to have a casual but dressy night feel.  Then I added a brown bag, which I chose because there are some gold and brown tones from the sequence dress. Then I added a fun ring and cat mask necklace. The fabulous shoes that are shown are from Urban Outfitters and I must say, I love them too!  Thanks for the inspiration Simona, I hope you can re-create this!

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Looking for something pretty that makes a statement? Try something like this!  A pair of striped shorts, a fun flower print blouse that you feel comfortable in.  A bangle and a leather belt.  To complete the look try a pair of brown boots with a cuff.  The pair of boots that are shown are from my shop.  You can purchase them here: BC Footwear Rainbow



Here is how it looks!  In this look I suggest adding a pair of tights for the fall.  Find a flower print blouse, a pair of shorts that compliment the colors from the blouse and wear the flat cuff boots by BC Footwear. I wanted make this look flirty and pretty. I added a leather belt, a bangle and a wristlet for the accessories.  Perfect for casual days or lunch with friends!


You can purchase the Rainbow boot by BC Footwear here: BC Footwear Rainbow



Introducing the Winnie heel by Matiko!


You can purchase the Matiko Winnie here: Matiko Winnie



I paired these shoes with black opaque tights, a high waisted skirt and tucked in a big cream ruffled blouse into it.  I love this look, it make such a office statement! Pair it with your favorite hobo bag and some bangles.

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These Alexander McQueen sandals named Metallic are perfect with colored tights. Any color will do, but I like hot pink because it really makes a statement. For your top try a short black fitted dress that contours the body. Wear a long necklace that has square shaped beads. It will really play well with the design from the shoes. The Agate necklace is $175.


These We Who See ankle boots named Pleat are perfect for a stand-out outfit. Try them with red tights.  For your top try a long sweater dress and a belt. Wear a necklace that is one color and bright.  The Old Navy necklace is $14.50


These Steve Madden booties named Trepidd are perfect for a night out. Try them with a pair of chocolate brown tights.  For your top try a fitted short cocktail dress. Wear a necklace that has some pink in it to really play off the color of the bootie.  The Catherine necklace is $22.


These adorable Luichiny booties named Cleo will look awesome with this combo!  Try a pair of black tights with the booties.  That color will pop so well off of the black tights, everyone will notice your shoes.  Also try it with short-shorts or a fitted mini skirt.  Then a tucked in cotton tank top, you pick your color, with a beaded necklace. The Marciano necklace is $48.