A fabulous bag with details that you love, the one shown is from Arden B.  A feather top, whether they are real or a print.  A big puffy skirt that screams fun! And a pair of heels with a unique design.

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Looking for something trendy that makes a statement? Try something like this!  A pair of black leggings, a fun cotton shirt that you feel comfortable in.  A few fun bracelets.  To complete the look try a pair of black lace-up boots with a fedora hat.  The pair of boots that are shown are from my shop.  You can purchase them here: Stormy Weather by BC Footwear


Here is how it looks!  In this look I switched up the top and added a vest. Also wanted a pop of color so I chose orange for the tank and clutch.  I added a chain bracelet and necklace to show the versatility.  Perfect for making a trendy statement!


You can purchase the Stormy Weather boot here: Stormy Weather

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The first look I’ve created for the Caryn.


These suede open toe shoes have the cutest little heel. The scrunched suede and criss-cross design that lays on top of the foot is my favorite part of the silhouette. They are great for dressing up and even dressing down. You can even wear them with tights, perfect for fall! The look shown has a black blouse paired with a flower print skirt. The big bow belt, I created by sewing 2 long strips of fabric together. Viola, it looks fabulous! For the accessories I chose a black beaded bracelet for the jewelry.  I also wanted to pop a color into this look, so I chose I deep rich red clutch to top it off.  This look is so simple yet elegant and of course makes such a statement!

You can purchase the Corso Como Caryn’s here: Corso Como Caryn $146.oo (use code: code10 for extra 10% off and free shipping)



A few of my favorite pieces from OAK.

LOOK 1: Kaylee Tankus, grey combo dress $242

I love how this dress is made. It’s so different and unique, it makes such a statement.  If you go anywhere in this dress be prepared to back it up! It’s fabulous.


LOOK 2:Ideeen, tricolor knit top $518

I love how this top is another statement piece. However, I love that you can wear this top casually too.  I love things that don’t let me blend in.


LOOK 3: Grey Ant, Celtic Romper $143

Last but not least, I love this romper.  The style lines, the way it was made and flows on the body, it looks so comfortable. I also of course love that print, it just grabbed my eye and it stood there.


Which piece is your favorite?




A bright fuchsia bag, the one shown is designed by Jimmy Choo. A flowing grey top. Denim shorts. A purple necklace and a pair of Cocobelle Bahia Sock Sandals!


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A light blue Asos bag.  A Marc by Marc Jacobs top. A pair of denim cuffed shorts. A stretchy belt with a fabulous gem on it. And a pair of Corso Como Camel Sandals!


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Hello readers! I would love to hear your thoughts about your sense of style. Tell me which shoes from my site you would wear with each of these looks.  One random winner will receive a coupon code to my store on their favorite pair of shoes!

LOOK 1: Yellow scarf & top from Anthropologie


LOOK 2: Maxi dress from Macy’s


LOOK 3: Sequence knit dress from Macy’s