1. Sara Berman Distressed leather studded wallet $150
You need a wallet or purse that has some hardware on it.  The amount of round beads on it are perfect.  It’s time to rock one.

2. Lush Hippy Chick bath bomb $4.95
Taking a bath? Get chicky and throw one of these in the tub. Duckies always know how to make you smile.

3. Salt & Pepper Set Mettalise by Dansk $19.95
Stop using the salt box and pepper can.  Get festive and find a cute set you love. Set it out on your table or counter for decor.  Trust me, your guests WILL notice.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs “Miss Marc” ponytail holder $48
Your hair should always stand out, even if it’s in a ponytail.  This holder is perfect because it will get the attention you deserve.

5. Adidas by Stella McCartney Organic cotton-jersey pants $90
Comfortable and chic these days can be everything.  These will change your mood, to a good one and you’ll still be stylish.



Going out Friday night? A great color to try for a dress this season is Purple. Try pairing it with orange or red earrings. They will look super cute with purple. For your clutch or large wallet try a pretty blue. All three colors work very well together and I promise you will recieve a few compliments on your look!


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A baby blue wallet with gold accents. A light yellow shirt dress. A Marc by Marc Jacobs fun necklace. And a pair of DVF sandals!


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Looking to just throw something on while making a statement? Find a t-shirt with an interesting object on it. Wear it with neon green mesh shorts. Then pick up your wallet and put it in your pocket.  Grab your shades and throw those on as your, “Do not disturb” sign.  For your feet get some cool kicks that have some bold colors that will stand out.  This look is a great way to go for the neon trend, while making a statement during the day while your out gallivanting.


A sequenced purse or wallet. A shirt dress that has an animal on it. A bold statement necklace that will pop off the color from the shirt dress. And a pair of metallic gold flat sandals.


Tom Ford sunglasses. A wallet with unique object on it. A neon green polo. Plaid shorts. Brown belt. And a pair of Sperry authentic original Boat shoes.


A pair of thick framed glasses. A fabulous wallet. Bright blue denim shorts. An intersting sweatshirt. And some slouchy boots.